About Us

I have always enjoyed high quality candles but grew tired of paying ridiculous prices to maintain this luxury. As an educator, I needed to create the ultimate calming mood that I so desperately needed (any educator will agree). As I began to research the candle industry, I became displeased with the known ingredients of candles I was burning in my home.  I was even more frustrated by current regulations that do not mandate transparency amongst candle companies. This was the beginning of my quest to create a clean candle.

What began as a hobby, blossomed into Simone & Co.. I aim to create luxury candles you can afford to buy again and again. Each batch is handcrafted using quality phthalate-free fragrances and eco-friendly coconut wax. #WHATSINYOURCANDLE

Simone & Company was founded in 2017 in Memphis, TN. I hope you are blessed as you enjoy my products and passion.

Thank you for visiting.

Angela Long, Owner